no more hair loss

Published: 31st March 2010
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To prevent alopecia

without regard for their causes, there are a few aspects to be considered and will seriously help stop the baldness process. Predominantly, the source indicated, the amount and quality of sleep, aerobic activity, the products you use regularly for cleanliness of their hair, how it is dry and comb, hair massage if performed, and how frequently.

reasons behind baldness
hair loss is due, of course, to varied causes and not just one. There are genetic factors, it's right, but today we know that we are not an inherited inclination to suffer with a bad subject, but typically we who'woke up' this or that'sentence' for genes. Beyond the cases, nothing inhibits us to observe.

here's a list of everything that contributes to poor blood supply, condensation of sebum, oily hair and weak hair.

1 ) Food bad, little and no schedule.

the whole body, but mostly the hair, is afflicted with starvation. It is not our design to make a religion of good eating, but we are going to tell you all that food that may serve the purpose of looking healthy and shiny hair, strong at the root.

WHAT DO attempt to EAT

Greens ( rich in iron ). It has been proved that radicheta, spinach, chard, arugula, Brussels sprouts and other vegetables'dark' provide iron and it benefits the hair growth and fortification. NOTE : vetegales Eat raw in salads with lemon, oxidizes the iron in plant so that the human body can use it most.

Red meat : if feasible, not stuffed baked to get rid of the fat ( see table opposite ). Both the beef proteins and iron from green leafy pillars Encompasses two elements in the hair healthy.

Drink plenty of water : 2 liters each day ( irrespective of liquid meals, tea, colas, etc . )

Skim milk ( low-fat and calories ).

Foods high in selenium ( onions, nuts, garlic, cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkins, apples )

Zinc-rich foods ( celery, asparagus, borage, figs, potatoes, aubergine )

Sulfur-rich plants ( cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, radishes, endive, radishes, lettuce )

Magnesium-rich plants : banana, avocado, chickpeas, lentils, black beans, whole grains ( oats, wheat, wheat germ ), spinach, broccoli, nuts or dried ( almonds, dried figs, raisins ).

Plants rich in iron : legumes ( peas, beans, black beans, soybeans, lentils ), green leafy vegetables ( already discussed ) nuts ( hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts )

Plants are loaded in iodine : legumes ( beans or peas ) nuts ( pistachios, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts ), spinach, potatoes, pineapple or strawberries.

Calcium-rich plants are legumes ( like black and white beans, chickpeas, peanuts ), green veg ( like kale, spinach, turnip ), nuts ( like almonds or figs )

Fruit and veggies in general.

what to keep clear of eating deve

Fats. Animal fat makes a contribution to alopecia, in addition to general damages the body produces.

if you're a respectable carnivore, attempt to eat well cooked meat, defatted, if at all possible avoid stews, sausages and salami.

Caf. Coffee irritates the nerve system, making a contribution to daily stress and hair loss. If you want to wake up quicker in the morning, take a good way of life, exercise, do the Eastern systems of meditation and relaxation, but avoid caffeine.

two ) general neglect their daily baldness

the utilisation of ponytails, hair that's tied with'tails','jelly beans' too much pressure clamps are elements that produce hair demoninada'traction alopecia.' cut the time that her hair is tied as much as possible.

Hair treatments concerning unrestrained heat, and toilets with hot cream, and drying the hair with hot air, causes damage to the hair follicles and consequent weakening and fall. Avoid where possible the utilisation of dryers or dryer to keep the unit safe distance and move it in circles, so that air does not concentrate in one area.

The dyeing and bleaching process damages the hair too much. The chemicals used to generate the'permanent' too.

Shampoos that contain raised levels of oppressive chemicals. The shampoo should be used parsimoniously, and once a day. Find one that best results shampoo gives your hair and use only that. Get specialized products for your hair type, and consult a skin specialist.

Plastic brush teeth close together and pointed, hard brushes. They scrape the scalp while pluck hairs trapped. If your hair tends to tangle too, use cream rinse, but only at the ends to stop alopecia.

A hairstyle that requires way too much of the brush or hair tug to leave it in that position or for the autumn favorite. It is far better than the hair fall naturally from the direction it grows.
no more hair loss
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